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Remote Control/Support
The following links allow you to install the Team Viewer Support app on your device to allow remote access to your device (PC, laptop
- windows, macOS, linux). NB It does not support Smartphones, ipads, chrome books etc. I don't have a licence.

Please click the appropriate link for your device and the type of support you are after (quick or full) and install the app. Then run the app to allow remote access.

There are also notes below that help with the installation and how to run the app.

Quick Support
Quick Support provides support for a single session which requires you to run the app when support is required. You will be prompted to enter a session number, provided by me, to allow the app to run so it's fully under your control.

Quick Support (one off session)
  • Click > Quick Support link above.
  • 'Save' then 'open' / 'run' file or 'run' (ie start application) NB if you save it to your desktop you will be able to find it easier next time you need it.
  • Then click 'yes' when prompted with 'do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?'
  • Then enter the session code I will provide to you (sxxx xxx xxx) or provide me with you ID and password.
  • When you get the session has started message then click 'join'.

Full Support
Full support allows access to your device at anytime without requiring your permission. It is usually installed on standalone servers, devices that are on all the time or where someone finds it inconvenient to use the quick support option.

Host Support (always on)
  • Click > Download Host Support Client above
  • 'Save' then 'open'/'run' or 'run' (start installation)
  • Then click 'yes' when prompted with 'do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?'
  • When the Team Viewer host set up window appears select 'next'. It will then install. Do not tick the advanced option box.
  • Once installed double click ie Run the 'Teamviewer Host' on your desktop.
  • Then click 'connect with teamviewer ID' and provide me with your ID - the 9/10 digit code and the password.
  • I can then connect and configure your device accordingly.

Useful Apps, Utilities and Information
Tools and information I have found work across the years - some are free, some cost and some are expensive but they simply work well.

  • Website X5 Evo / Pro - for offline website construction used for most of my simple sites inc taking payments
  • Webuilder - for html coding
  • CoreFTP Lte - for uploading files to website
  • Jalbum - for online photo albums - simple and powerful
  • Visual Web Spider - webcrawler and website page dowload
  • Wordpress - online website creation. a very popular website builder and relatively easy to use and plenty of addons.

PC - Files

PC - Audio/Video

PC - Images/Scanning/Photos

PC - Virus / Cleaning
  • McAfee - Virus Protection (business) or use inbuild windows protection (adequate for most basic users).
  • Malwarebytes (free) - Malware scanning and removal
  • CCleaner (free) - Cleaning the registry and wiping disks/files.

PC - Misc

PC - Browsers

PC - Email

PC - Office Suites and Utilities

PC - Windows

PC - Networks
  • Omada - TP-link cloud remotely managed wifi. Network OC200 wifi controller, EAP225, TP-Link TL-POE150S Power injector
  • Insight - Netgear cloud remotely managed wifi. WAC505, PAV12V - 100UKS (or Aukru 12V 3A Power Supply AC to DC 5.5mm Adapter 36W) or any Netgear/other IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at compatible switch or injector. The TP-Link TL-POE150S Power injector above should work.

PC - Video / Audio Conferencing
  • Skype - Microsoft video calls
  • Zoom - video conferencing
  • Teams - Microsoft video conferencing
  • Webex - Cisco video conferencing
  • Logitech - webcams

PC - Hardware

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