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FREE exciting e-mail competition!
Yes, this is your chance to win a brand new Ferrari F430 sports car
(or a pair of our bass player’s soiled underpants or socks, whichever is available as a prize at the time of the competition, webmaster’s decision is final)

To win, all you have to do is e-mail the band your answer to the following question and then answer the tiebreaker in less than 25 words:

Question: Which member of the band would you most like to have wild passionate sex with?

A: Shag    B: Snails    C: Chris    D: Mark

Tiebreaker: Complete the following sentence in 25 words or less: “I think anal sex is fun because...”

Now just e-mail your answers to: band@shattereduk.com
Webmaster’s decision is final. The person who makes us laugh the most wins something. We’ll award the prize when and if we feel like it. Prizes subject to non-availability. There is no Ferrari F430 sports car as a prize, so get a life will ya? You’ll probably win the underpants or socks, don’t blame us if something nasty and smelly arrives in the post. Girls must submit a (recent) photo of themselves preferably naked or dressed in sexy underwear to be considered as having legitimately entered the competition. Look, we make the rules up as we go along so tell yer what, just enter anyway, whatever. You never know, you might win something just for having the guts to enter... And it might not be smelly undergarments if you’re lucky.
Gratuitous semi-naked dancing girl animated GIF. Well, why not?
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