What would happen if there was an emergency in Kesgrave?

Kesgrave is a pretty safe place to be in most respects. We don’t have any rivers or coastline and so, apart from the poor soak-away drains in a few areas, we should not be flooded out of our homes. We don’t have the railway coming through and have no major roads so it is unlikely that we would experience a major transport disaster. There are no big businesses based in the town using dangerous substances, which means we should not suffer contamination.

But there could be an unusual instance that might affect people, particularly vulnerable people. If there was a major electricity or gas outage – many homes may not be able to be heated and people would not be able to get hot food. For most of us this would not be too much of a problem, but for vulnerable elderly people this could be quite dangerous. It may be necessary to provide hot food and accommodation if the outage was prolonged. It could mean the setting up of a rest centre and possibly transporting people there.

We occasionally have a heavy snow fall and whilst the Highways Authority and County Council make major roads a priority, it can take a few days before minor roads are cleared. If a cold period is prolonged, it may be difficult for vehicles to get to the homes of vulnerable people – for example where older people rely on carers or a District Nurse visiting, when elderly and disabled people are afraid to go out shopping as it is too slippery – help might be needed to clear the road. Perhaps you have a 4X4 and are available during the day to take someone to the GP surgery if it is difficult for them to get there in poor weather.

These are just a few instances where a few volunteers could really make a difference.

We are also lucky that in Kesgrave there are a lot of people already volunteering in the Community, some are regulars and others do as much as they can when they are able; perhaps you could put your name forward as an emergency volunteer, someone who would just be called upon in the emergency? There is training for some roles but it is quite short. If you are an individual or business with equipment that you might be happy to be used, we would also like to hear from you. It is unlikely that you would be needed but if you feel you could be put on a contact list and attend a brief training session, then please give us a call, send an e-mail or letter to let us know what you would be happy to volunteer to do and we will get back to you.

Our e-mail address is enquiry@kesgravetowncouncil.org.uk and our postal address is Kesgrave Town Council, Ferguson Way Kesgrave,IP5 2FZ or Phone 01473 625179.

Kesgrave Town Council

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