Tree Condition Survey and Works

Kesgrave Town Council commissioned a condition survey of trees on the land we are responsible for.  This was to assess the condition of the trees and recommend any work needed to improve the health of the trees, to check for any trees that have become dangerous or where tree canopies are now too low for the foot/cycleway.

We do not have the exact date that this work will be carried out as it will be done over a week but are aware that work cannot take place on trees where birds are currently nesting, a check will be made on the day of work to ascertain this and unless the tree in question is a risk ie a danger to the public, work will be postponed until after the nesting season.

The tree survey will become an annual event to help preserve the wonderful trees we have and guide us towards steps we need to take if there are problems.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst this work is taking place and hope you will bear with us.

Kesgrave Town Council

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