Speeding in Kesgrave – Community Speedwatch - Volunteers Required

There is now an agreement between Rushmere St Andrew and Kesgrave Councils for the introduction of Community Speedwatch across both areas.

Kesgrave has a 30 mph speed limit across all main and minor roads in the Town, this is sometimes ignored by drivers or it may just be that they have not realised how fast they are going.  Although 30 mph can seem quite sedentary when you are driving along a straight road, the reasons for it in built up areas are in recognition of the increased risk of an accident and that at speed, there is less time to react if the vehicle in front stops suddenly, you need to avoid a pot hole or a child runs into the road.  The implications for pedestrians are that it is more difficult and dangerous to cross the road, the risk is further increased if the pedestrian is elderly, disabled or very young.  Speeding vehicles are a risk to cyclists and deters some people from considering cycling as a mode of transport.

The Town Council gets numerous complaints from people living in Kesgrave about speeding and it is good news that we will be able to facilitate this new initiative with Rushmere St Andrew but the basis of Community Speedwatch is that local people will volunteer to be trained so that they can be part of a team of people who will operate the scheme.

By joining with Rushmere we will be able to share the equipment that has been purchased via a grant from Councillor Robert Whiting’s SCC Locality Budget.  In this joint scheme, volunteers can be deployed across the area so that if someone is worried about operating in Kesgrave where they are known, they could be deployed in Rushmere and likewise, Rushmere residents may prefer to work unknown in Kesgrave.  All volunteers will receive half a day’s training from Suffolk Constabulary who are also part of the scheme.

If there are people out there who care passionately about road safety, we would like them to come forward to volunteer on this scheme.  It would be on a rota basis and would be for as much time as they are happy to donate.  People work in threes to carry out this work; offending motorist’s details and speed are recorded and sent to the Police who then contact the individual.

If you would like to know more about this scheme or would like to offer your services, please contact the following: communityspeedwatch@suffolk.pnn.police.uk.  More details about the scheme are available following this link https://www.suffolk.police.uk/services/watch-schemes

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