Play and Open Space News - Apr

Work at Oak Meadow is continuing, by the time you read this, work on installing the new pieces of play equipment should be in progress.  The funding for this and the Exercise Equipment is mainly from Section 106 money that was levied via development that has happened across the town in recent years and held for Kesgrave by SCDC in the Space for Play Fund.  Further money has been made available by our four District Councillors: S Lawson, G Lynch, S Mower and D MacCallum.  SPARK fully funded the new surface for the kick-about area.  The Town Council would like to thank SCDC, SPARK and individual District Councillors for their help with this.  The Town Council contributed to the project and arranged the installation. 

We would like to remind anyone that has not visited Oak Meadow that it is easily accessible along Pilbrough’s Walk which starts at Twelve Acre Approach and finishes at Grange Farm Lane off Dobbs Lane.  People living to the north and south can get there via Cedarwood Walk and Ashdale Walk.  The Route 66 buses go past an entrance to Oak Meadow from Ropes Drive, you need to request a stop at Deben Valley Drive. There is very little parking available near to Oak Meadow, we recommend you cycle, walk or catch the bus – a ride on a “double decker” just adds to the fun of going to the park.

The Play and Open Spaces Working Group will continue to look at other areas of Kesgrave.  If you have an interest in helping to decide what happens on the open spaces in Kesgrave then please get in touch and join our Working Group 01473 625179.

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