Not always the "Usual Suspect"

Whenever the words “Anti-social behaviour” are mentioned, everyone thinks we must be talking about young people. Anti-social behaviour can be experienced in many forms and, unfortunately, not just by young people. Examples include:

●    Throwing litter out of the car window, dropping it when walking or dumping household rubbish somewhere quiet.

●    Letting a dog jump up at strangers because they are not on a lead where they should be – such as on Long Strops.

●    When it is dark thinking, “Nobody can see my dog”, or “I will pretend I did not see my dog do that”, moving quickly on and leaving it for someone to walk or fall in.

●    Parking on the pavement so that wheelchairs, pushchairs and pedestrians can’t get through safely.

●    Parking dangerously or inconsiderately.

●    Breaking the 30mph speed limit.

The Town Council gets many complaints from residents about other people’s inconsiderate behaviour which is anti-social and in some cases illegal. Perhaps we all need to realise that living in a community in close proximity, we have to be aware of our own behaviour and that of our children and the effect that this may have on others.

Kesgrave Town Council

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