Kesgrave and Rushmere St Andrew PCSO Report - Mar 17

Last month I mentioned the Community Speed Watch scheme and the part I have been playing in promoting it across our parishes. Since then we have had a number of other people express an interest in joining various groups. Now that the Rushmere St. Andrew and Kesgrave CSW group has taken delivery of all the necessary equipment, it only remains for them to be trained to use it all before they begin actual speed checks. This training has been arranged and I will be attending so that I can deliver any future training within our parishes myself. It is a mixture of classroom-based training and live use of the camera at one of the CSW approved sites.

Vehicle related ASB, noise and littering, is still being reported at the shopping plaza in St. Andrews Walk, Rushmere St. Andrew. On 1st March I attended a site meeting there with a representative from one of the local businesses to discuss this ASB which is occurring in their car park. You may recall that as far back as late 2015, Jean Potter and I delivered letters to the then manager of the business advising them that their car park was being used by youths to congregate in the evenings and into the early hours of the morning, and that local residents were being disturbed by this. We suggested at that time that a barrier on the car park would prevent access to vehicles, and that this would reduce the number of people gathering there. Unfortunately there was no response to this and the issues have continued. In view of this, I explained at the site meeting that under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, police can direct a business or individual to take measures to prevent this kind of ASB occurring. This is dealt with via what’s called a Community Protection Notice (CPN). CPNs are intended to deal with on-going problems of nuisance which have a negative effect on the community’s quality of life. My research has shown that the level of reports to police about the ASB here is sufficient for a CPN to be issued. In these circumstances, the business may be held responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure that it does not occur again. The Act is designed to show flexibility in dealing with a variety of issues and allows a graduation process from the initial step of issuing a Community Protection Notice- Warning Letter, to the full Community Protection Notice if breached. Failure to comply with a CPN without reasonable excuse is a summary offence carrying a maximum penalty on businesses of £20,000. I was due to attend training on CPNs in April, but I was able to bring this forward to earlier this month in order to be able to progress this particular issue.

The school parking leaflet that I mentioned last month has now been cleared for publication and I will be distributing these shortly. The additional school parking banners to be placed outside our schools are to be ordered in the next few days following the successful securing of funding.

There have again been people onsite overnight at Sinks Gravel Pit in Kesgrave. In view of this, and the high-value criminal damage that occurred previously at this location, I arranged for our Crime Reduction Officer to conduct a survey at the site this month. I accompanied her, and she has been able to give the site manager some very useful help and guidance on preventing further such incursions. I intend to patrol the area of this site on a regular basis.

This month I again dealt with a vehicle for sale on Fentons Way which was causing a visual obstruction and damage to the grass. The owner was very cooperative and immediately removed the car. I checked another vehicle in Woods Walk that had been reported as possibly abandoned but the vehicle was all in order with a registered keeper. I also issued a fixed penalty notice to a vehicle parked blocking the footpath in Sherwood Fields, Kesgrave. This is the second parking issue I have dealt with here recently, so I will keep a particular eye on this.

I have been dealing with an increase in parking issues generally this month in Peasey Gardens, Wilkinson Drive, Grange Lane, Sherwood Fields, Heath View, Ashdale Road and in the area of Heath Primary School. I am in contact with Suffolk Highways in relation to some signage issues related to one of these.

I also have assisted other officers with their crime enquiries in Kesgrave and Rushmere St. Andrew. Dealt with complaints of vehicle causing obstructions. Checked parked and moving vehicles for driving licence, insurance and MOT offences etc.

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