Kesgrave and Rushmere PCSO Report - Dec

Hello and welcome to my monthly Match Funded PCSO report for December 2016. This is my final Match Funded PCSO report for 2016 and it marks six years for me in the role and eight years working for Suffolk Constabulary. This has been quite a challenging year in moving to a new way of policing following the Suffolk Local Policing Review (SLPR). At the time of writing we are awaiting the outcome of the six-monthly review of the new policing model and, at the same time, a review of the PCSO shift pattern is underway.

May I take this opportunity to thank all councillors for the support they have given me throughout 2016 and in particular for voting in favour of moving to a fully funded PCSO scheme in April 2017. I would also like to say a special thank you to Jo Abbott, Christine Marsh, Susan Clements and Diane Jimpson at Kesgrave Town Council, and Mel Bentley and Jean Potter at Rushmere St. Andrew Parish Council for their tireless help and support. It has again been a pleasure working with you all throughout the year, and I very much look forward to continuing our partnership working through 2017.

PCSO Activities:

I have issued a number of Fixed Penalty Notices again this month to drivers committing parking offences at our schools. One driver has additionally been charged with a public order offence for being verbally abusive towards me in Bell Lane.

I have sent out advisory letters to drivers attending the schools via Parent Mail. This reminds them of local parking regulations and my zero-tolerance approach towards parking offences. I have seen some improvement following all this work but I intend to continue this approach as words of advice are insufficient to bring about the improvements required.

I issued a Section 59 Warning to a driver who spun his wheels whilst pulling away in an antisocial manner in front of children, parents and guardians on their way to Broke Hall Community Primary School one morning. It was very inconsiderate and also very alarming to everyone including me, so now the driver will be required to drive more sensibly for the next twelve months if he wishes to avoid having his vehicle seized.

Some youths are still gathering in the Ropes Drive underpass near to Kesgrave Library. Reports of antisocial behaviour and noise disturbance here have reduced though and I continue to monitor it. I have seen for myself at first-hand how unsightly the litter is and the disrespect this shows for Kesgrave and its residents.

Having looked through all the events called in to police across Kesgrave in the last month, there have been no further reports of antisocial behaviour at the Millennium Jubilee Hall car park. The introduction of the new barrier was intended to prevent disturbances and it looks to have been a total success thus far.

I have been conducting wide-ranging lengthy foot patrols of both parishes this month and have been chatting with residents on quite a range of issues – foremost is parking and not just at school times. One highlighted issue, which we are already aware of, is the blocking of the footpath in the area of the Orthodontists on Bell Lane following the closure of the Long Strops car park. Having located a number of vehicles blocking the footpath, I have issued verbal guidance to these drivers regarding the regulations and this has led to an improvement in the situation. I will continue to monitor this, and will move to a zero-tolerance approach if further problems arise.

Three cars were reported as being driven in an antisocial manner in the Tesco car park on Ropes Drive this month. In order to be able to deal with these effectively, a uniformed officer (PCSO or PC) needs to witness this happening, or two independent witnesses need to be identified. On this occasion, two independent witnesses came forward and identified some of the vehicles involved, so I am issuing Section 59 Warnings to two of the drivers. These drivers have not been involved in previous incidents of this nature but a Section 59 warning is the most effective way to prevent them repeating it.

I have notified both councils of some abstractions that have occurred this month in light of the murders at the West Meadows site and in addition where I have had to assist other PCSOs with their priorities.

Further activities undertaken in both parishes during December 2016:

Assisted other officers with their crime enquiries in Kesgrave and Rushmere St. Andrew.

Checked parked and moving vehicles for driving licence, insurance and MOT offences and so on.

Attended road traffic collisions to close roads and/or manage traffic control.

PCSO Mike Sarbutts
Kesgrave Town Council

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