Air Quality in Kesgrave

As a result of the roadworks that caused lengthy traffic hold ups in Autumn, a resident – who is on the Town Council’s Traffic and Pedestrian Working Group – asked about the monitoring of air quality in the Town, including standing traffic as this results in concentrated emissions which can be detrimental to the health of people in that area. She pointed out that Kesgrave has only one monitoring point on the Main Road, this is managed and monitored by the District Council.

When consulted, an Environmental Protection Officer indicated that more could be sited at a nominal cost to Kesgrave Town Council. At the Planning and Development Committee Meeting of the Town Council held on 19th December 2016 it was agreed that it would be desirable to have other monitoring points in Bell Lane near the junction with McKenzie Drive and near the Dobbs Lane junction with Main Road. Friends of the Earth have donated another monitoring device which will be located on Ropes Drive area near to Through Jollies.

If you have an interest or point of view on anything connected with Transport, the next Traffic and Pedestrian Working Group Meeting will be on 20th March at 6.15pm at the Council Offices.

Kesgrave Town Council

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