Parish Walks

Kesgrave Council, as part of the Parish Path Partnership scheme, working with neighbouring parishes, have produced nine leaflets on circular walks around the area. Packs of these "Parish Walks" can be obtained from Kesgrave Town Council Offices at £1.35 per set.

Further details can be found on the Kesgrave Community website by clicking here.


Parish Path Partnership Walks

Two or three times a year, our local Parish Path Partnership representative, Michael Rayment, organises walks of between one and two hours, quite often making us of parts of these walks. If you are interested in supporting these walks please keep an eye out for details in the Kesgrave News or contact Michael directly on (01473) 623486.


Martlesham Circular Walk

A popular walking route around Martlesham and Martlesham Heath can be found by clicking here.


Suffolk Country Walks

Suffolk walks by Michael Anderton can be found by clicking here.



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