Trolley Coins

Have you ever arrived at Tesco and been stressed before you even start shopping being exasperated by looking for that one coin which is required to release the shopping trolley you need? Take heart, the latest aid to shopping in the form of a Kesgrave trolley coin is now available from various outlets at a cost of £1.00. The trolley coin is attached to a clip which enables the user to find it with ease either on a key ring or clipped on a bag within easy reach. Trolley coins are not a new idea but Kesgrave now has its own with the design of a Cedar tree featured.

The Cedar tree is becoming a well known feature on many standard articles in Kesgrave with its original idea coming from the established trees in All Saints churchyard. The Cedar tree is a prominent feature on many objects which have connections with Kesgrave. To name but a few the Town Council Office, Kesgrave News magazine, the Kesgrave Flag, Town name plates and the Kesgrave Sign in Bell Lane.

The Trolley coins can be purchased from the Town Council Office and the 2nd Stop shop.



Last update on Monday 13 Jan 2014 by Alan Comber.

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