Sport, Recreation & Amenities (inc Play Areas and Equipment)


As Kesgrave has expanded so has its needs for sport, recreation and amenity facilities. To this end Kesgrave Council have been actively promoting ideas and undertaking projects of its own.

The areas that Kesgrave Council are involved in are:

  • SPort, Amenities and Recreation is Kesgrave (SPARK) - A registered charity independent of the Council. It has been formed to provide and improve opportunities for sport, recreation and other leisure time occupations for the benefit of the people of Kesgrave.
  • Play Areas/Equipment


Play Areas

From east to west – that's going from Dobbs Lane towards Rushmere St Andrew.

Off Dobbs Drift there is a small fenced area with some play equipment. There is an age restriction because of the type of equipment and the proximity to housing. Its generally accepted that the larger the person playing the further and harder they can kick a ball!, so by only having the younger children in an area can, in part, lessen the number of times a neighbouring garden has a ball landing in the flowerbed.

Moving eastwards there are three informal areas, Fox Lea, Jollies Pightle and an un-named area between Through Jollies and Pilbroughs Walk, where with a little care a football can be played with by younger residents. Joliies Pightle has some wildflower planting so perhaps just sitting with toddlers is more appropriate here.

Moving south there is the Millennium Sports Ground. A formal playing field with two pitches and a pavilion, but there is space too for brothers and sisters of the team members playing on the field to have a bit of an informal kick-around at the same time. The fields are used by Kesgrave Kestrels and so please don't try and “just turn up” for a proper match. The goal posts are put away after each game and in the coming season we hope to see matches played over most of the weekend.

Now you can continue from this area towards Bell Lane along Long Strops. This is a bridleway which has been widened, it has the man-made pond about half way along and is very popular with dog walkers. There are a number of fido bins along this area, in positions where they can be reached by Suffolk Coastal Services to be emptied, but inevitably some people don't clear up after their pet, so a little bit of care must be taken not to bring home more than you bargained for.

If you prefer you can go north again to the areas near the Farmhouse. South of Pilboroughs Walk, which is the old farm track now a cyle/foootway running the length of the development, there is a practice basketball net and some younger childrens play equipment. And to the north is a large area called Human Sundial, a more formal park with a lot of seating and, you've guessed it, a Human Sundial.

Ashdale Walk comes next on our journey. A large grassed area with some landscaping both green and topographical to the north of Fentons Way, and then Oak Meadow between Pilboroughs and Ropes Drive. For some reason young people always refer to this as Blue Park. This area has a kick wall, a junior trim trail, a slide and the five-a-side goal posts which we try to get moved regularly to allow the grass to recover. The original north/south farm hedge line extends further south again from Ropes Drive along Cedarwood Walk to Cedarwood Green. This area has the teenage facility of basketball court, another practice net and the teen shelter, but there's still some grass area here too as well as seating for those who want to watch the informal games being played.

But there's more. Badgers Bank and Pergola Piece are more grassed areas with on the latter some green landscaping and some seating. The Pergola unfortunately didn't survive but the area is still popular and has wildflower areas around its edge.

Now we come to the formal sports area of the Community Centre. Cricket Pitch, Tennis Courts, Outdoor bowls, football in the winter months, and for those who need a covered sports facility the sports hall – all this area is for more formal play. While no play equipment is provided here there is a small area for very little ones to the south and this can be reached by taking the path which runs between the Community Centre Grounds and Gressland Court – the area lies to the right alongside the Community Centre southern boundary.

As has been said already, once you go past Bell Lane the areas are much fewer. Very small areas are at St Lawrence Way, and Cedar Avenue, but these are really only large enough for toddlers to indulge in kicking a soft ball. But generally speaking the dwellings here have larger gardens.

For the more energetic of course there's the possibility of walking away from the Town and into the adjoining areas of, for instance, the heath which accommodates Foxhall Stadium and the Rushmere Golf Course.

Kesgrave may not have anything to match the parks and gardens found in many Towns but it has got many areas which are appreciated by the residents and its good to see these areas in use throughout the seasons.


Play Equipment

Play Equipment is provided in the following locations throughout Kesgrave.

Grange Meadow - Play equipment including swings and slides, plus a practice basketball net on a different area.


Cedarwood Green - Multi-use sports court and practice basketball net (facilities aimed at teenagers)


Oak Meadow - football nets, wooden trim trail and slide




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