Service to the Community Award


The Town Council has an established award scheme for 'Service to the Community' giving an opportunity for anyone to nominate anybody who is involved in the community of Kesgrave who they believe deserves to be recognised.

It's an annual award, to recognise individuals or groups of people, of any age, for services to Kesgrave Community. Presentations are made at the Kesgrave Town Council, Annual Town Meeting in May and takes the form of a framed certificate with an appropriate citation.

Nominations are sought every year, early in the new year, and a select panel of esteemed judges then considers these nominations and selects those they feel are most deserving.

So when you see the details published in the Kesgrave News and on this website, if you know of an individual or group of people, who have, or still are, working to improve the quality of life in our town then please complete a nomination form, with as much detail as possible to support the nomination and return them to the Town Council Offices. The nomination forms are usually available from the Town Council Office, Penzance Road Post Office, Main Road Post Office, The Birches Medical Centre, Kesgrave Community Centre and the 2nd Stop Charity Shop.



> Is it only open to Kesgrave Residents?

No, nominations can be made to any individual or group of people provided that their work benefits the residents of Kesgrave.

> How long does someone have to have been supporting the community?

There is no time limit, it can be for involvement over many years or can be for a specific event/project that has made a difference (or anything in between).

> How many are awarded each year?

It is hoped up to 5 per year will be made unless exceptional circumstances state otherwise.

> Can people outside Kesgrave nominate someone?

Again, yes, providing the nominee(s) work benefits the residents of Kesgrave.

> How many people can I nominate?

You can nominate as many individuals or groups as you like.

> Will I be asked for further information?

It is hoped that the judging panel will have sufficient local knowledge to judge a nomination. However where the panel feels it merits further investigation to determine whether an award would be appropriate then you may be asked to provide additional information.

> Does multiple nominations for an individual or group increase their changes of being given an award?

Whilst multiple nominations will highlight the nomination, the selection for an award will be made on the merits of the nomination and what the individual/group has accomplished.

> Can you nominate yourself?

Yes you can.

> Does the nomination need a second?

No it doesn’t.

> How wide does the benefit have to be?

So long as it is for the benefit of the Kesgrave, the nomination can be for supporting an individual, group or the whole community.

> What types of activity can be nominated?

Effectively anything provided it has a made a tangible benefit to Kesgrave. Examples are: fund raising activities for local clubs, charities, PFA’s; conservation work; long and dedicated service to the community; caring for an neighbour, relative; organising events; sporting achievement; event or achievement that has shown Kesgrave in a good light to the wider community, locally, nationally or internationally; litter picking; restoration of an area or building; crime prevention; teaching, coaching, training etc


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