School Parking - Dropping Off/Collecting Children (Policing)


Every person who uses a vehicle to drop off or pick up children at any school should be aware of, and understand, the parking restrictions that are in place on the roads around schools.

Please therefore use this information as a guide and do not rely solely upon it, all vehicle users should check which parking restrictions are in place when they stop or park a vehicle on a road.

Yours sincerely,
East Ipswich SNT


  • Are in force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Do not require accompanying road signage.
  • Vehicles must not wait or park on double yellow lines.
  • Where no additional curb markings are present vehicles may load and unload or pick up and set down passengers on double yellow lines.


  • Are in force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Vehicles must not wait, park, load/unload, set down or pick up passengers on white zig zags.


  • Are in force for the times and days indicated by nearby road signs.
  • Require accompanying road sign-age.
  • Vehicles must not wait or park on single yellow lines during the times shown.
  • When curb markings are also pre-sent vehicles must not load and unload on single yellow lines.


Grass verges and pavements are part of the highway. When parking restrictions are in place on the road, these also cover any part of the highway behind the re-


The rules for blue badge holders differ. If you need information about these dif-ferences please contact the team.

In addition...

As well as adhering to the parking restrictions outlined in this leaflet, please remember that whenever you do park or wait with a vehicle you must ensure that you do not cause an unnecessary obstruction. Around schools in particular, please do not block drop curbs or driveways, park partially or wholly on the pavement or in such a way as to obstruct the pas-sage of passing vehicles. Please also bear in mind that buses also some-times use the roads around schools and they may need more room to ma-neuver than the average vehicle.

The police do patrol schools and those motorists found ignoring the relevant parking re-strictions or causing an unnecessary obstruction will be dealt with. Such parking offences carry a fine of at least £30 and some may be endorsable (points on your driving license as well as a fine).

Don’t forget...

Sensible, safe and legal parking around schools is for the benefit and wellbeing of YOUR CHILD.


Please contact the East Ipswich SNT team...

Phone: 101



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