Committees and Council Representatives

Town Council:

All Councillors

Finance and Governance Committee:

Councillors tbd (Chairman), D Fairbrother (Vice Chairman), A Athwall, N Beecroft-Smith, A Comber, S Fairbrother, G Lynch, P Mills, R Patten, R Spittle

Planning & Development Committee:

Councillors P Mills (Chairman), K Archer (Vice Chairman), A Athwall, N Beecroft-Smith, G Derrick, G Hamilton, R Patten

Community and Recreation Committee:

Councillors A Comber (Chairman), R Bridgeman (Vice Chairman), A Athwall, N Beecroft-Smith, G Derrick, D Fairbrother, S Fairbrother, G Hamilton, S Lawson, G Lynch, P Mills, R Patten

Council appointed Representatives: tbc

Steering Groups

  • Neighbourhood Plan Working Party
  • Play Area and Open Spaces Working Party
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Working Party


Emergency Planning Officer:

Mrs Marsh

Footpath Warden/Representative:

Mr M Rayment

Independent Internal Auditor:

Mr Hunt

Kesgrave Conservation:

Mrs Judith Francis (local resident)

Local History Recorders:

Click <here> for details.

Contact details for individuals can be found here.

Open Spaces Representative:

Councillor A Comber

Patient Participation Group (Doctors):

Councillor P Mills

Press Officer:

The Clerk

Public Transport Liaison Officer:

Miss S Hall  (local resident)

Safeguarding Officer:

The Clerk

SALC Representative/SALC Larger Council Group:

Councillor K Archer

SPARK (Sports Amenities and Recreation in Kesgrave):

Councillor P Mills

Tree/Hedgerow Warden:


Woodbridge and District Anti-social Behavour Forum Representatives:

Councillors A Comber and S Fairbrother

Youth Club Representative:

Councillors R Bridgeman (Tue) and K Archer (Thu)


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