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This facility has now been completed and was officially opened on 24 October 07. Details of the proposal are included below for info.


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Based on consultation with young people, Cedarwood Green has been designated by the Town Council as a sports and recreation area for young people. The signs put up by the Council along the edge of Cedarwood Green indicate that the area is to be used for football, basketball etc and to have youth shelter.


Proposed Layout Of Equipment

This includes a surfaced path linking the Wilkinson Drive entrance with the Teen Shelter and games area. There is a proposed 1 metre tarmac strip around the edge of the games court. This could be used as a path/viewing point. Access to the games court is via proposed gates in the fence along the sides and via the goal ends.


The Proposal In More Detail

The Multi-Use Games Court would:

  • Be designed for games such as: football and basketball.
  • Have a tarmac surface and edge strip/path.
  • Have low (1 metre high) metal fences on either side and higher kickwalls/goal ends.
  • Enable wheelchair access via gates either side.
  • Be approximately 25 metres x 15 metres in size.
  • Be lit with street lamps (this depends on planning consent).

Basketball Practice Area

  • This could be added on to one end of the multi-use games court.
  • It would have a tarmac surface.
  • Be lit with street lamps (this depends on planning consent).

The Image below illustrates the type of facility proposed:-


Youth/Teen Shelter

The Council has considered a very wide range of options and has proposed the following:

  • The Urban Engineering 'Sun-web' Shelter (approx. 4.75metres wide x 4.75 metres long x 2.7metres high).
  • The four-module version.
  • Three of the modules would have bench seats and the fourth module would have no seats to enable wheelchair users to have enough space to sit beneath the shelter
  • Seats approx 8 -9 people.
  • The shelter would be lit by the overspill lighting from the games court.
  • The Council originally planned to add perforated side-panels to this shelter, to offer wind/weather protection. But in view of concerns expressed by the police, it is proposed that the shelter be open as shown in the photograph below.



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